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The Couple Behind Studio DIY Reveals What Married Life Is Really Like

Kelly and Jeff Mindell of Studio DIY take us inside their first year of marriage.

Photography by: Luke & Katherine Griffin / Max &

Kelly and Jeff tied the knot on November 15, 2014, which means they've been husband and wife for a little over a year. Their Palm Springs wedding (which is featured in our spring issue, on newsstands now!) was filled with pops of pink and personalized details, but what was their first year of marriage filled with? Here, they reveal what life has been like since they've returned from their honeymoon.

No one tells you marriage is…

Kelly: The best reward after a long and hectic year of wedding planning.
Jeff: For us, not much different from unmarried life. We were already living together and sharing so much beforehand that it was a very easy transition.

Now that we're married, I'm glad we still…

Kelly: Laugh at each other.
Jeff: Are happy to see each other at the end of a long work day.

My favorite memory as a Mr. and Mrs. so far is…

Kelly: Our honeymoon was a total dream. One of the highlights was a cooking class we took on the Amalfi Coast in Italy and it was a blast. Getting to eat the four course meal we made afterwards wasn't too shabby either.
Jeff: Yeah our honeymoon was pretty exceptional. I also fondly remember the first few times I had to opportunity to refer to Kelly as my wife. It felt a little strange in the beginning, but now I really love calling her that.

Photography by: Luke & Katherine Griffin / Max &

Some advice I'd give to future newlyweds is to…

Jeff: Have a really great understanding of your partner and where you both want to go in life. Kelly and I have always known that not only do we love kids, but we want to be parents. That mutual understanding from both of us helped to build a solid and trusting foundation for our future together.
Kelly: Mine would be similar to Jeff's. Don't shy away from the big topics. It's important to know each other's goals in life, growing a family, careers, and home ownership from the start. You may not begin on the same page, and that's ok, but you have to know where the other stands in order to shape the life you want to live together.

Our first "big fight" as a married couple was about ___. I blame ______ for the argument, and we made up by _______.

Kelly: Our first "big fight" as a married couple was about a giant sand art sculpture I wanted to buy. I blame Jeff for the argument, as he clearly couldn't see how amazing it was, and we made up when I told him I'd keep it at my office. Spoiler alert: It's still in our living room.
Jeff: Ahh yes the sand art. The piece was too big to fit in our car so Kelly drove a U-Haul as I was in the back making sure the piece (and myself) weren't being knocked around. (We were.) Keep in mind her promise that the art would be moving to her studio. There is sand on my living room floor, always.

If marriage could be summed up in one word, it would be…

Kelly: Sweatpants.
Jeff: Compromise.

My ideal date night involves…

Kelly: Pizza and a Netflix binge!
Jeff: Exactly the same.

We're hoping this next year of marriage includes…

Kelly: Lots of babies!!! We're very excited to grow our family.
Jeff: And having fun in the process.