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Margo & Me's Jenny Bernheim Reflects on Her First 6 Months of Marriage

Are the thank-you notes done? Has the album been ordered? And what's so different about married life anyway?

Photography by: Jodee Debes

As you may have read, Freddie and I have been together for almost seven years, and lived together after only two months of knowing each other. Well, now it's been six months since the wedding and I'm here to dish on what I've learned in the half a year since we said our vows and became husband and wife, with a little Q&A from Martha Stewart Weddings.

So, what's the biggest surprise about married life?

No huge, scary newlywed surprises for me, but there is an indescribable feeling that came along. I never knew that getting married would make me feel like our bond was even stronger than it was before. But it's as if suddenly you realize you have this unbreakable connection with someone, and you look at each other differently and hold each other in a different, more special light.


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Is being married how you envisioned it?

It's a sacred experience. For those of you who are married already you know what I'm talking about. And for those of you up next, you'll experience this too. Having a ceremony to celebrate your love with friends, family, and before God, takes your relationship to a deeper level. I've definitely found myself doing more "wifey" duties. I used to not really enjoy cooking, but now I love using our new gifts to create yummy dinners. It's a special time in our lives being newlyweds and we're enjoying the "us" time before we decide to grow our family.

What was the biggest adjustment to make?

Although Freddie and I have been partners in love and business for a while, I found myself adjusting to communicating with him about more decisions I made. It's not something he asked for—just something I innately started doing. It was a difficult adjustment, rather me being aware that my choices carried more weight and affected both of us.

Did you officially change your last name? How did that process pan out?

Oh yes! I couldn't wait to be Jenny Cipoletti! The process seemed daunting but my tip would be to just bite the bullet, and make all of the appointments so you don't miss a beat. First step was the social security card, and once I had that I could update my driver's license and passport. From there, get ready to prove to everyone you're married by carrying around copies of your marriage license and multiple forms of ID. It's crazy how many things you have to update—credit cards, bank accounts, doctor's info—but it's all worth it!

How are the thank-you notes coming along?

They're definitely coming along. They go out in waves. We didn't do a mass thank-you note. We wanted them to feel personalized. We worked with our stationer, Jonathan Wright to create folded cards that echoed the invitation design, with our names calligraphed in French blue and printed in the center of a gold leaf wreath. I suggest ordering your thank-you notes well in advance of your bridal shower, so you have them ready to write on once you start receiving gifts. I have a massive list that I'm still working my way through, but I'm almost done!


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And what about the photo album?

Yikes! Not at all. We're thinking about it, but just haven't done it yet. We did order small prints of all 1,500 images by our photographer Katie Mitchell though. We have grand plans to sit down and pick our favorites and then order a coffee table book.


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What memory from the wedding have you thought about most since it happened?

So many just went running through my head just thinking about how to answer this question. On the day of my wedding and the days leading up to it, I was in this super clear, present state. I knew the days would fly by so I was absorbing every feeling and moment like it was my last. There are so many memories to choose from—my dad reminding me to breathe while walking me down the aisle, the smell of the fireworks, our peaceful first dance, cutting the wrong layer of the wedding cake, tearing up the dance floor with my bridesmaids—but the fondest of them all was before all of that. The morning of our wedding, we woke up super early. I snuck downstairs to the kitchen and asked the chef to make a smorgasbord of food. I snuck back upstairs and Freddie and I sat at the foot of the bed in our robes eating and listening to the song we had our first dance to on repeat. The massive French doors in the room overlooked the Chateau's lake and the morning dew was just clearing. It was the calm before the storm, and a magical moment between the two of us.

What are you most excited about for the next six months of marriage?

Our honeymoon! We just have to figure out where and when!


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