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The Creative Director of Pronovias Talks Honeymooning: The Designer Reveals the Most Romantic Place in the World (According to Him!)

For this regular series, we reached out to globetrotting travel bloggers, chefs, designers, and other tastemakers to find out everything from their go-to gadgets and in-flight beauty secrets to the most romantic meal they've ever had. Because who better to share their insight about how to have an unforgettable honeymoon (or really, any future vacation as a married couple) than those who have spent a lot of time on the road?

Photography by: Courtesy of Hervé Moreau

What began as a family-owned business in Barcelona in 1922 now has 129 stories worldwide—and since 2013, Pronovias creative director Hervé Moreau has been hard at work designing beautiful gowns for brides around the globe. Last October, the brand even staged its first-ever U.S. show during New York Fashion Week. (Take a peek at the collection here.) Moreau—who spent 15 years at Jean-Louis Scherrer and another three at the haute couture Matsu Fashion House from Japan before joining Pronovias—took time out to reveal a few of this top travel tips, including his tendency to leave almost everything up to chance when exploring a new city.

Aisle or window?

Aisle. I don't like to bother people if I have to get out of my seat.

Check or carry-on?

Carry-on! Without doubt, I prefer to have my things as close as I can in case I need anything during the flight. And I don't like to waste time going to pick it up. I hate having to wait.

What electronics or gadgets do you always pack and why?

I always pack my Philips electric razor—I like my face to look clean and maintained! I also pack an eye-mask in my hand luggage because it helps me sleep better.

Any tips for packing clothes?

I always pack clothes first in one side, and then the rest in the other. I'm super organized, and have a space for every specific item—all underwear has to go together, all shirts, and all trousers and jackets.

What is the most romantic destination you've visited?

Venezia—and Italy in general. I think it's a very romantic place. I connected so well with the city and the people there.

Most romantic hotel?

The Ritz in London.

Most romantic meal?

If a meal goes with French Champagne Rosé, it's always romantic!

How do you prepare for a long flight?

I don't do anything special since I usually fall asleep so quickly. I just wake up to eat what they give me at the airplane—vegetarian food, of course.

What is your go-to airport uniform?

A comfortable outfit with Dolce & Gabbana jeans and cute pair of boots.

What are your tips for planning a once in a lifetime trip?

The best trips are always improvised! I just book the flight and the hotel, and the rest solves itself. I like to ask people on the street. It's more exciting, and I always have great stories to take home with me.

What camera do you recommend?

I use my iPhone 6. It's always in my pocket and I can capture every moment and look at them whenever I want.

What are your favorite travel apps?

The Air France app.

What are your in-flight beauty tips?

I can't travel without my Clarins face cream. They're crucial for me to feel good. I always apply a little bit before the flight, during it (if it's long), and after it.

How do you look refreshed after a long flight?

I always take a shower when I arrive at the hotel.

How do you fight jet lag?

With melatonin, a natural tablet that helps me fall asleep faster and better after a long trip.

Where are you going next?

To Nice. I've been there many times and I love it.