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Watch This Groom Lose It When His Bride Walks Down the Aisle

He's going to make us cry!


One day I hope to find a man that looks at me the way Will Ceaser looks at Lindsey Whitehead. #thesearchhasceasedIf this video touched you, please send to Ellen DeGeneres! They are two of the most beautiful, loving people I have ever known. Let's show people what love really looks like.

Posted by Alyssa Hudson on Sunday, December 6, 2015

We've seen plenty of grooms get a teary-eyed when they see their bride for the first time, but Will Ceaser, a youth pastor from Mississippi, really lost it when he saw his bride walk down the aisle at their wedding last weekend—and it's probably the cutest thing we've seen all week.

Wedding guest Alyssa Hudson posted the 30-second video to Facebook with the note, "One day I hope to find a man that looks at me the way Will Ceaser looks at Lindsey Whitehead." Since Hudson posted the video last Sunday it's gone viral with over 3.5 million views so far. It's such a touching moment, we can totally see why people love it.

"I started crying. I don't know what happened. It was such a beautiful moment," the Rev. Eddie White told MS News Now. "It's humanity and it's love and it's the starting of a relationship, and that's what's touching everyone."

White also believes Ceaser's tears were more than just about seeing his bride. White says the bride's parents were opposed to the marriage, so when her mom showed up unexpectedly to walk her daughter down the aisle it was an amazing surprise to the groom.

Photography by: Charlotte Jenks Lewis

Of course Ceaser wasn't the only groom to cry at his wedding—one of our favorite wedding moments of 2015 happened when Robbie Fairchild saw his bride, Tiler Peck, walk down the aisle. You can't get more genuine than those tears and that look on his face.

Photography by: Meg Smith Photography

And while most grooms cry or grin ear-to-ear, this guy had a seriously unique—and adorable—reaction: He waved. "It was the first time I saw her all day," Graham says of his emotional reaction to Jocelyn's entrance at the ceremony. "I hadn't given any thought to how I would react, and waving just seemed like a fitting way to express my excitement in seeing her."