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10 Easy Decor Ideas That Make a Big Statement

When planning a wedding, it's sometimes the smallest detail that makes the biggest impact on your guests. It doesn't need to be about spending a ton on flowers or fancy food—it's more about making your friends and family comfortable and content. Here, celebrity wedding planner Stefanie Cove shares her top tips for impressing your guests.


Use Unique Flatware

Try something different on your table! It's a small touch that guests will notice. I love the look of gold flatware, and another favorite of mine is black matte—it's an unexpected but elegant table setting.

Photography by: Pablo Béglez

Make a Statement With Balloons

For a bridal shower or engagement party, try large metallic balloon letters in silver, gold, or copper. They will instantly make it feel like a celebration!

Photography by: Frederic Lagrange

Opt for String Lights

To set the mood in any outdoor area, use string lights. They're not expensive and add a touch of romance to the event. If you want to go a step further, try them with Edison bulbs. Pro tip: have them put on dimmers so you can adjust the lighting throughout the evening.


Put Candles Everywhere 

These make a huge statement. Chunky candles, taper candles, black candles, heaps of candles! Try using colored candles in dark tones (like eggplant) to mix things up a bit.


Don't Be Afraid of Color

Pops of color within a mostly neutral palette can make a huge difference, such as a palette of greenery with bursts of bright jewel tones throughout. Bright colors can be energizing and will jazz up any party.

Photography by: Courtney Apple

Simple, Elegant Napkin Treatments

Something as simple as a sprig of rosemary at each place setting is another detail that will make a splash. For more of a splurge, try dinner plate dahlias or a baby fern. For a holiday dinner tablescape, use a pinecone at each place setting.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Add Fruit to the Mix

For a more organic and natural setting, add fruit to the centerpieces. Experiment with citrus if you are going for a Tuscan vibe, or cherries for a more playful summer afternoon. It's a beautiful touch to place handpicked figs down the center of a long dining table mixed with florals and votives.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Floral Crowns for the Girls

For any bridal shower, bachelorette party, or post-wedding celebrations, give your best ladies a gorgeous crown of seasonal flowers. You can place floral crowns at their place settings (which will make the table look amazing) or hand them out individually. It's a fun surprise for the guests, and they can wear them throughout the evening. Not to mention they make for a great photo opp!

Photography by: Sylvie Becquet

Create an Interesting Juxtaposition

Add something where it doesn't seem to belong. One of my favorite elements from a past wedding was adding a black piano in the middle of a very green field, which was covered in weeping willows. The stark contrast of the structured piano in the lush field was a show-stopper!

Photography by: Jennifer Emerling

Try a Handwritten Note

This is one of my very favorite personal touches. There is nothing sweeter for a guest to find than a handwritten note at their table. Even if it's short and simple, this elegant touch on beautiful paper is sure to be noticed.