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Is This Groomsman's Ripped Pants a Reason to Retire the Jumping Photo?

It was the rip heard round the world. How far are you willing to go for your wedding photos?

Photography by: ALEXA BEDWELL/CHARLES STUDIO via Mashable

We've witnessed our share of wardrobe malfunctions, but this one we've never seam—seen. Just before his best friend's wedding last month, groomsman Lee Coleman experienced a clothing crisis when he ripped his pants. He didn't do it busting a move on the dance floor, but rather while participating in the popular aerial wedding-party picture. When the wedding photographer counted them down, the other guys played it safe with less intense positions, but Lee—clearly a "go big or go home" kind of guy—attempted the ambitious: a mid-air take on the lotus, a meditation position that opens up the hips. 


In a surprisingly limber move that Lee's wife, Alex, told Mashable was inspired by the Lion King character Rafiki, Lee brought the bottoms of his feet together, knees pointed outward, and hands resting at his sides—and rriiiip! Unfortunately, it was just too much for his pants. Do we detect the faintest bit of shock and realization creeping into Lee's zen expression?

Photography by: ALEXA BEDWELL/CHARLES STUDIO via Mashable

Photographer Alexa Bedwell of Charles Studio captured the very moment the seam split, and thankfully, Lee seemed to be quite the sport about the whole scenario. 

Photography by: ALEXA BEDWELL/CHARLES STUDIO via Mashable

The only problem? He still had to walk down the aisle. Luckily, his resourceful wife repaired the hole using a sewing kit and duct tape, and no one was any the wiser. "The pants survived through the end of the reception!" Alex told Mashable. We're guessing he held back a bit in the dancing department.

Photography by: ALEXA BEDWELL/CHARLES STUDIO via Mashable

But this begs the question: Is it time to retire the jumping photo? Sure, it may be opportunity give your pictures some personality, but there might be easier (and less hazardous) ways to do that. 


Our take: To avoid any fashion snafus, it's best to keep the gymnastics to a minimum, but if you or your bridal party is set on the shot, jump at your own risk—and have a needle and thread at the ready.