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A Delicious Late-Night Wedding Snack: Pancake Bites

Searching for a late-night snack to serve at your wedding? Contributing editor Peter Callahan of Peter Callahan Catering explains why a breakfast staple is a menu must.


Some of my fondest memories are of pancakes: We used to tap sugar maples at a friend’s farm called Redtop—they had a 19th century sugar house. I also spent many summers in Maine where we picked wild blueberries, a.k.a. the most perfect addition to pancakes. So how does this relate to weddings? Well, I like to take my favorite foods and incorporate them into the weddings that I work on.


But when is the right time to serve the breakfast staple at your wedding? As a late-night snack! It’s the perfect treat for guests who stay to party well into the night (or morning!). My team and I often do three descending bite-sized pancakes stacked on each other. To make our stacks extra delicious, we put little pats of salted butter and drops of maple syrup in between the layers. (Another option: Serve these at your morning-after brunch—they pair perfectly with a mimosa.) And if you’re looking for a fun twist on the traditional blueberry pancake, try subsitituting the classic fruit for rhubarb. It’s not too sweet, but not too tart.


Another reason why I love this breakfast-turned-wedding dish? We served mini pancakes as one of the breakfast hors d’oeuvres at the first and only Martha Stewart-Today Show wedding we did at Tiffany and Co.! Plus, it was featured in the accompanying Martha Stewart Weddings article.

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