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Carrot-Ginger Cake with Carrot-Turmeric Cream Cheese Frosting

Satisfy sweet (and spicy!) palates with this carrot cake recipe created by contributing editor and pastry chef Jason Schreiber. The recipe features allspice, cinnamon, and candied ginger. Chopped carrots tint the batter, while their juices, when mixed with turmeric juice, color the cream cheese frosting. Each layer is a slightly darker hue to create an ombre effect, much like a rising sun.

Photography: Linda Pugliese



  1. Trim domes from tops of cakes and split each cake in half to create four layers.
  2. Top one cake layer with about 3/4 cup of cream cheese frosting, then repeat with remaining cake layers.
  3. Crumb coat assembled cake, then chill for one hour.
  4. Frost with remaining cream cheese frosting.
  5. Decorate with shredded carrots.

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