New This Month

Customized Bottled Cocktails

Go beyond basic beer with bottled and customized cocktails, which have been popping up at bars everywhere. They’ve gotten us thinking that offering tall, cool ones could be a refreshing way to personalize your drinks and get them in hand, fast, at your celebration. Pass them out post-vows, or distribute them during the cocktail hour.

Contributing Writer
Photography by: Bryan Gardner



  1. Download our label clip art and print onto sticker paper.
  2. Cut the circles with a circle punch; cut the strips with scissors or a guillotine trimmer.
  3. Make cocktails in large batches, taste test, then funnel it into individual bottles, and seal with a capper tool.
  4. Place a metal cap on top of the bottle and seal it by placing the capper on top of the cap and pressing down on both handles simultaneously.
  5. Seal with a sticker labels. Serve cold. 



While certain drinks need to be shaken or stirred in the moment (sorry, margarita fans!), the four boozy blends we offer below can be mixed, bottled, and refrigerated up to a week in advance.


Lillet Martini

5 parts gin 

1 part Lillet 

2 dashes orange bitters


Aperol Spritz

3 parts prosecco 

2 parts Aperol 

1 part club soda


Dark and Stormy

4 parts ginger beer 

2 parts Gosling’s Black Seal rum


White Negroni

12 parts gin 

6 parts Suze bitters 

8 parts Lillet Blanc 

6 1⁄2 parts filtered water