New This Month

Brushstroke Wedding Invitations

These white envelopes got an instant upgrade with just two strokes of craft paint. The DIY technique is so quick and easy that you can even use it on invites—without feeling like you’ll screw them up! For sheer coverage that lets the text remain visible, choose a light shade and wet the brush first.

Photography by: Alpha Smoot


  • Invitation suite (a heavy paper stock works best)
  • Bristle brushes
  • Acrylic paint


For the envelopes:

1. Dip a dry brush in paint and quickly paint a stroke on the inside flap of the envelope.

2. Continue brushing envelopes assembly-line style with the same paint color. Once envelopes are dry, use the same technique with a second paint color to create a layered look.

For the invitations and reply cards:

1. Dilute paint with water and dip brush in paint.

2. Add brushstrokes over type.


Note: The paint should be diluted with enough water so you can clearly read the type on the invitations and reply cards.


Jackmove “Johannis” invitations, $234 for 100, and reply cards, $147 for 100, Martha Stewart Crafts large brush set, $15, and Multi- Surface craft paint in ballet slipper, lilac cloud, magenta rose, and gold, from $2 each,