New This Month

Stamped To-Go Snack Bags

Keep the fun going at your wedding celebration by serving a late-night treat that riffs on an endorphin-boosting throwback: the Happy Meal. Ours comes with a slider, fries, and soda to refuel guests. As for the prize? It’s not a toy but an invite to the night’s after-party, which is stamped on the bag. 

Photography by: Meredith Jenks


  • Stamp clip art
  • Custom stamp
  • Lunch bags
  • Cups, straws, burger boxes, and fry bags


  1. Download the clip art and use it to order a custom stamp.
  2. Stamp each bag.
  3. Fill with food in their respective containers at the event.


Lunch bag, $11.25 for 25; Custom stamp, price upon request; Cup, $3.50 for 10, and straw, $4 for 20; Box (for slider), $18 for 50; “French Fry” bag, $7.25 for 1,000;