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A Surprise Weekend Getaway Led to This Proposal Before a Dream Backdrop

Aly had wanted to go to this one majestic spot in Colorado, so her boyfriend made it happen.


When Aly, a schoolteacher living near Denver, came home from work before her birthday weekend, she had no idea what was to follow: a proposal from her longtime sweetheart, Kyle, at one of the most beautiful places in America. Here, she shares the events leading up to Kyle popping the question, and what came afterward.


Can you share the details leading up to the proposal?

It was my birthday weekend. When I came home from work, I noticed a duffle was packed, an Uber was outside, and our dog was gone (Kyle had arranged for a friend to dogsit). Little did I know I was about to experience the most thrilling and priceless 24 hours of my life. Our Uber dropped us at the airport, where it was revealed to me that we were off to Aspen (a quick 25-minute flight from Denver).


Upon arrival, Kyle checked us into an executive suite at the St. Regis hotel, where we enjoyed hot toddies by the fire.


The next morning, Kyle told me to pack up my bags as we had an hour to make it to our next destination. I followed Kyle outside to find a driver, who took us up to the Maroon Bells! The Maroon Bell’s backdrop is spectacular. Kyle was carefully eyeing tourist after tourist looking for a candidate to take a photo of us. He found a lady. Just as she was about to snap our picture, Kyle knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him. 


How did you react when he proposed?

I forgot to say, “Yes!” This poor lady was standing there awkwardly with the camera, and Kyle was begging me to answer him so we could let her go. It goes without saying, I finally whispered, “Yes! Please!”


What happened after you said, “Yes?” 

As if the proposal wasn’t enough, our day was just getting started. Our driver had waited for us and took us to the airport—more specifically to the private terminal! A helicopter was our ride back to Denver. I yelled, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” The ride was beautiful. 


There was another surprise waiting for you when you got back. What was it?

The second I walked into our house, a slew of hoorays erupted from my family and friends, including four of my closest friends who came from across the country and were standing right there in front of me. 


Your proposal involved a series of well-planned surprises. Were you amazed that Kyle pulled it off without a hitch? 

After nine years of growing up with and dating Kyle, I thought I had him all figured out. Boy, was I fooled! I feel so lucky to have found him.


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