Proof that you don’t need long hair to wear an updo: New York City stylist Sarah Potempa created a three-strand braid that circled the top of the head and a five-strand braid that wrapped along the bottom, before adorning the look with a garland. Here, the DIY steps to create it on your own.

November 17, 2014
Tamara Schlesinger


  • Volumizing mousse
  • Paddle brush
  • Blow-dryer
  • Bobby pins
  • Straightening iron
  • Hair accessory


1. Start by spraying mousse onto a paddle brush, then brushing it through hair to evenly distribute it.

2. Blow-dry hair, concentrating airflow at the roots. Grab hair with brush and pull upward and outward as it's being dried to add volume and height.

3. Create a side part. In one section, start a three-strand French braid, weaving it along the crown. Secure in place with bobby pins. In the other section, create a five-strand French braid and continue braiding in the opposite direction of the initial braid. When both braids meet, reinforce them with bobby pins.

4. Smooth out bangs with an iron. For a final touch, add an accessory.


Aussie Sprunch Mousse + Leave-In Conditioner, $4; Sarah Potempa On Set Styling Brush, $42; BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Mini Straightener, $30; Larkspur & Hawk Olivia Hair Garland, $1,800;

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