New This Month

Embellished Ribbons (for a Headband, Necklace, or Sash!)

We’ve seen lots of brides accessorize with bedazzled-ribbon headbands, necklaces, and sashes. Because you can tie them however you want, they make great one-size-fits-all bridesmaids’ gifts, too. Not a seamstress? Never fear! These elegant ideas don’t require sewing—just a few dabs of fabric glue.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner


The Tools

  • Rhinestone or crystal embellishment
  • Ribbon (any width that fits the embellishment)
  • Fabric glue


1. Using a toothpick, dab fabric glue onto the rhinestone or crystal embellishment. Let it sit for a few seconds to get tacky. 

2. Press the embellishment onto the ribbon, and let dry overnight.



The Tools

  • Rhinestone chain, about 10 inches long
  • Ribbon, about 10 inches long
  • Trim, such as a satin cord, about 10 inches long
  • 2 pieces of half-inch-thick velvet ribbon, about 12 inches long each
  • Fabric glue


1. Braid rhinestone chain, ribbon, and trim, and finish ends with fabric glue. Let dry. 

2. Attach one end of the braid to one piece of velvet ribbon with a dab of fabric glue. Hide the seam with a loop of velvet ribbon. Secure with fabric glue. Repeat on the other end of the braid.



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