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A Rock-Climbing Adventure Led to This Marriage Proposal—and a Film Series Starring a Fox and a Mouse

It was an unexpected moment for Linda Facci, and one she decided to post on Instagram. But how she shared it will surprise and delight you.


Some people hold onto the moment they got engaged through memories. Others document it with photos or video. But for Linda Facci, she decided to do something altogether different. The creative director of Magnolia Bakery in NYC had begun crafting needle-felted animals when a friend inspired her to turn to them to tell the story of she and her husband’s courtship through stop-motion animation. “Because Gene is ‘foxy,’ I chose a fox to represent him,” she explains. “I think the mouse was one of the first things I felted and she was so cute!” 

Today, Facci has posted to her Instagram 26 mini movies, sharing key moments in her romance, from a pre-couple lonely heart’s Valentine’s Day to her newlywed first dance. But the one that still remains among her favorites is that which recounts the day her beau popped the question from on high above. Here, Facci chats with us about the special marriage proposal, her art, and what the future holds for her and her spouse’s cuddly stand-ins.

How did you meet your husband?

I was tired of waiting for Prince Charming to come along and buy a house with me, so I bought one on my own in Woodstock, NY. I would often go out in Woodstock by myself and there was always “this guy” whom I was attracted to, but never got a chance to speak to. Well, one day my good friend tells me I had to check out this guy who owns a bike shop because he’s really cute. It turned out it was “this guy.” So, that’s how we officially met. Gosh, if I had known that, I would’ve taken up biking a long time ago!


When did you get serious about the relationship?

After he fell rock climbing. He was going to move to Alaska so he could climb, but the injury prevented him from doing that—and I guess I had something to do with him staying!

Had you started talking about getting engaged and married?


We had talked about getting engaged, but I didn’t know when it was going to happen.

Can you share the details of the proposal?

It was my birthday, August 26, 2003, and we went rock climbing in New Paltz, NY. It was such a glorious, beautiful day. Halfway through the climb, Gene yells down to me, “Hey, Linda Facci, will you be my wife?” I joke to people, “I had to say yes; he had me between a rock and a hard place!”


In the last picture in the proposal video (above), you can see tears in my eyes. He told me later that he didn’t know he was going to propose that day, but it just seemed like the perfect moment to him. 


What were some of your favorite things about the proposal? 

The beautiful day, not knowing, the way he yelled down to me, having a birthday I wouldn’t forget, telling our families later that day…

Were you starting to work on needle-felting art around this time? 

No. I was doing a ton of other crafts, but I only started felting in December of 2012.

When did you get the idea to capture aspects of your relationship in stop-motion mini movies? 

I had lunch with a well-known Instagrammer, and she gave me some tips on how she got started and how she got so many followers. She told me to create a story or character.

When did you and your husband end up getting married? 

Almost one year to the date of the proposal: August 28, 2004.


Will there be a finite number of films, or will the story go on? 

Gene asks me that all the time. When I started, I never really thought about how or if it will end. I know my followers really enjoy them. I might have to come up with a new story and new characters.

What does Gene think of the films? 

He’s my biggest fan. He always asks me after I post them, “Did you get a lot of hits?”


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