New This Month

Match Jar Wedding Favors

We love the idea of custom-designed matchboxes that guests can keep as sweet mementos from the big day, but this DIY twist really struck our fancy: Personalized match bottles that look cool enough to display on a fireplace mantle.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner



  1. Download our free match jar label clip art. Open file using Adobe Reader, type in your information, and print onto sticker paper.
  2. Use scissors or guillotine trimmer to cut along guides. 
  3. Adhere to jars.



Square corked bottle, $5.25;

Diamond strike-anywhere matches, $.25/box;

Clear sticker paper, $13.60 for 10 sheets;


Tip: For a fun extra touch, attach a flame-starting strip of fine sandpaper below the label with multi-surface glue.