New This Month

Fold-and-Tie Origami Ceremony Programs

Delight your wedding guests with these DIY string-tied programs, whose corners unfold to reveal all the need-to-know info.

Photography by: THUSS+FARRELL


  • Bone folder
  • Rectangular piece of paper (three times as wide as it is long)
  • Twine or string
Photography by: Bryan Gardner


  1. Using the bone folder, fold the paper into thirds, making a valley fold on one side and a mountain fold on the other. Fold the resulting square in half diagonally, then unfold back to a rectangle.
  2. Fold each of the three “panels” in half diagonally from the top and bottom; unfold.
  3. Pinch the left panel into a squash fold to form a triangle shape. Repeat with remaining two panels; tie up with twine.


11-by-17-inch matte paper in Green Tea ($13 for 50 sheets, Londonderry thread (S826, $2.75,