Greet guests upon arrival with one of these super-chic, colorful totes filled with local goodies, maps, and pertinent info about your event.

Bryan Gardner


B&J Fabrics plastic or vinyl sheets

Roll of parchment paper



Rotary cutter

Dritz grommet kit (

Dritz 1-inch curtain grommets (

Mokuba cords and straps

Velcro (optional)

  1. To make three bags at a time with 1 piece of vinyl, fold the vinyl in half. Cut 3 pieces of parchment to desired width of the bags and a few inches longer than the desired height. Slip the pieces of parchment into the folded vinyl, leaving 3 inches of space between each paper.
  2. Cover with a sheet of parchment that is larger than the vinyl. Fuse the vinyl together by running a hot iron over parchment; let cool completely.
  3. Using a ruler and rotary cutter, cut vinyl midway between each piece of parchment. Remove parchment sheets so you are left with three pockets.
  4. To add handles or a shoulder strap, follow the instructions on the grommet kit and add one grommet or two to the top of the bag where the opening is. Thread nylon cord or whatever strap material you'd like through the grommets; knot to secure.

(For a fold-over clutch like the red bag, pictured: After step 3, glue a piece of cotton trim around the center of the pocket. Fold the top of the vinyl halfway down, and fasten by attaching Velcro to the inside of the flap.)


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October 28, 2013
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