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Guide Post Sign Templates

Point guests in the right direction with these cute signs. You can order a pre-cut set, or bust out the saw and make them from scratch.

Click here to download templates for signs that read
Photo Booth

Tools and Materials

True Connection wooden sign kit
Transfer paper (we used paper by Martha Stewart Crafts, see Michaels for stores)
Angled brush
Liquitex Basics acrylic paint
Hammer and nails


  1. Order a set of 4 wooden signs. Leave them natural or paint.
  2. Download our PDF files above and print.
  3. Lay the printout on top of a sheet of transfer paper and trace the designs with a pencil so they appear on the wood.
  4. Fill the outlines using an angled brush and acrylic paint.
  5. Once dry, nail each sign to a sturdy dowel.

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