Charles Schiller

At the cocktail hour, serve crunchy vegetables complete with their own dip: buttermilk-peppercorn, roasted pepper and eggplant, or toasted curry. Their "bowls" -- hollowed-out slices of baguettes in pumpernickel, plain, or "everything" -- are meant to be eaten, too.

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December 11, 2011
I made these for a baby shower, and they were an absolute show stopper! I used Ina Garten's recipe for Herb Dip which was perfect, as its very tasty and very thick - so the veggies stand up well. I used a quality white French bread for all of them. I also gave every serving each of the veggies. Each one had a pea pod (string them), asparagus, and match sticks of red pepper, yellow pepper and carrots. I did not blanch them. Absolutely gorgeous!
August 10, 2009
I'm looking for the recipes for these crudites - I've cut them out of the magazine and now lost it