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A Lasting Impression: Embossed Velvet Leaf Ring Pillow

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2000

Embossed velvet leaves, made with a rubber stamp and an iron, dress up a silk ring pillow.

Tools and Materials
White single-sided medium-weight fusible cotton interfacing
Scissors and pinking shears
An iron
A custom rubber stamp (use the template, linked below, or a leaf-press set)
18-gauge wire
White craft glue

Embossed Velvet Leaf Ring Pillow How-To
1. Cut both velvet and interfacing to be 1/2 inch larger on all sides than rubber stamp. With an iron on medium-high, fuse interfacing to wrong side of velvet, holding iron in place 5 to 10 seconds to bind securely.
2. Lay fused velvet face down on the stamp. Spray interfacing with water. Press iron against fabric 10 to 15 seconds, using firm circular motions.
3. Cut out leaves (use pinking shears for notched edges of birch leaves). For large leaves, glue 18-gauge wire (use thinner wire for smaller leaves) to back along major veins, starting about 1/2 inch from top. Clip off extra wire at base of leaf (or leave a stem to use leaves in a bouquet), and bend wire gently to shape leaf. Hand-sew wire in place at the bottom of the leaf, and hand-sew bottom of leaf to pillow.

Leaf Template

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