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Gifts for Every Bridesmaid

Martha Stewart Weddings, 2008

They stood by your side as you tried on hundreds of gowns. They threw you a bachelorette party you won't forget. They adored you before he did. Thank your bridesmaids with objects as thoughtful and beautiful as they are.

Gifts for Everyone
Even if your bridesmaid gifts share a common theme, it's important that each present show you've taken into account the different personalities of your attendants. For example, your headband-wearing maid of honor may want classic white pearls, while your headbanging sister may covet the more unconventional black ones. 

Pearl earrings in various colors: Honora, $150 for 10-mm pair, $65 for 8-mm pair, for stores.



The Luxe Girl
On Her Nightstand: Candace Bushnell's "One Fifth Avenue"
On a First-Name Basis With: The saleswoman at Barneys
On Her TiVo: Last Sunday night's "Mad Men"
On Weekends: She's getting a mani-pedi.

Cashmere pajama shorts. Perfume in a bejeweled bottle. Butter-soft leather driving gloves. Nothing here is a necessity, but to your friend who has everything, they are all necessary indulgences.

1. Candle in figuier vert, Diptyque, $68,
2. Estee Lauder private collection tuberose gardenia parfum, $300,
3. Tap shorts, White + Warren, $100,
4. Monogrammed notebook, Graphic Image, $53.75,
5. "Twist" tumblers, LBK Studio, $40 each,
6. Lacquer boxes, Pacific Connections, $59 and$77,
7. Faux shagreen pencils, Dransfield & Ross, $26, unica
8. "Princess" necklace, Suzanne Kalan, $520, Sundance Catalog, 800-422-2770
9. Topaz pendant, Suzanne Kalan, $380, Fragments, 212-537-5000
10. Driving gloves, Carolina Amato, $149,



The Hopeless Romantic
On Her Nightstand: A well-thumbed copy of "Wuthering Heights"
On a First-Name Basis With: The owner of the corner flower shop
On Her TiVo: Any period piece starring Daniel Day-Lewis
On Weekends: She's taking bookbinding classes.

For the bridesmaid who takes time to smell the roses (and gardenias and freesias), thank her with unique artisanal finds such as a handmade porcelain vase, a striking photograph of peonies, or old-fashioned (but cheeky) engraved calling cards.

1. Print, Kari Herer, $25,
2. Engraved gold baby disc, Ginette_NY, $490, 212-627-3763
3. Pink star tourmaline ring, Jamie Joseph, $1,331,
4. "Cable knit" vase, Alyssa Ettinger, $120,
5. "Gold suitcase" card, Dempsey & Carroll, $55 for 10 with envelopes,
6 & 7. "Bicycle" card, $34 for 10; "Flying pig" card, $26 for 16; Foxglove Writing from Thornwillow Press,
8. Scented soaps, Caswell-Massey, $35 for box of 3 in various colors,



The Gourmand
On Her Nightstand: All of Michael Pollan's books
On a First-Name Basis With: The maitre d' at Nobu
On Her TiVo: Three weeks' worth of "Top Chef"
On Weekends: She's tending her vegetable garden.

If she's a foodie, she'll savor these delightful items we've cooked up for her, from gourmet sea salts to a coffee-of-the-month subscription to steak knives that look like works of art.

1. Pierre Dubost steak knives, Laguiole, $250 for 6,
2. Truffle salt, $28; set of finishing salts, $39.50;
3. "Golden berry" champagne glasses, Roost, $16 each,
4. Rose champagne, Veuve Clicquot, $76,
5. Ice bucket and tools, $30; cocktail napkin, $3; Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's,
6. Stone spice bowls, SURevolution, $25 for similar,
7. "Milano" 14-ounce milk frother, Frabosk, $30,
8. "Ellipse" silverplate serving spoons, Calvin Klein Home, $40, 212-292-9000. Engraving, Jenny's Engraving, 212-221-2611
9. Coffee of the month, $60 for 3 months,



The Technophile
On Her Nightstand: This month's issue of Wired
On a First-Name Basis With: The manager at the Apple store
On Her TiVo: Nothing -- she watches her shows on her laptop.
On Weekends: She's updating her blog.

She sports a monitor tan and knows her gigabytes from her terabytes. Now give her an edge in the style department with such fashion-forward items as cool python cases for her miniature gadgets, a portable karaoke mike for her MP3 player, and a set of matching earrings and earphones.

1. Diana+Dreamer camera, Lomography, $60,
2. Reader digital book, Sony, $299,
3. Python gadget cases, Rebecca Omweg, $140 to $160,
4. iPod shuffle, Apple, $49 to $69, free laser engraving,
5. Tunebuds earphones, Griffin Technology, $20, in 5 colors,
6 & 7. Interlocked-circles glass earrings, Jane D'Arensbourg, round in Glacier, $180; Oval 05 in leaf/green/light yellow, $180;
8. Tunebuds earphones, Griffin Technology, $20, in 5 colors,
9. iKaraoke, Griffin Technology, $50,

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