It's great fun when the wedding party surprises the newlyweds by adorning the getaway vehicle with items that declare "just married" as loudly and proudly as possible. Tin cans make a particularly noticeable clamor and a happy sight on the street when they're combined with a handmade sign and paper streamers. The display can be further embellished with paper fans, garlands of tissue paper pom-poms, or flowers (silk ones, since real flowers won't hold up well on a moving automobile).

Breaking Tradition

Turn the tables on your guests: Have valets decorate their cars during the reception. For example, you might surprise them with a memento tied to the rearview mirror, such as a card thanking them for coming, or a sachet of potpourri.

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June 29, 2010
When I was a girl we lived down the street from a church; I will never forget the clanking-clunking of cans and old boots as the newlyweds drove by our house. What ever happened to this custom? I do so miss it.