Some may consider seashells the flowers of the ocean. Use them with a welter of floral blossoms to create a remarkable terrestrial bouquet. First, give the shells stems, made from 22-gauge cloth-wrapped white floral wire. To attach wire to shells with cavities, partially fill cavity with hot glue and insert wire stem. Flat shells and starfish require that the wire be curled or looped at the end and then pressed into a dab of glue. Arrange both flowers and stemmed shells together; wrap stems with a wide ribbon held firm with pearl-head pins.

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October 13, 2009 is where I bought my shells for my bouquet. The twisty shell is called a pearlized goldmouth turbo. As for the flowers, they look like either sweet peas or ranunculus...but I could be wrong!
September 27, 2008
What are the names of these flowers?
August 20, 2008
Where can you find these shells? What ones are they? Love it