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Charming, Colorful Tulips

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2006

Friendly, irrepressible tulips have long been among the most cherished of blooms: With their affinity for mixing and matching, their ability to reproduce in almost any color (except blue), and their year-round availability, it's hard to imagine a better flower for a wedding. But while most brides recognize the clean silhouette of the classic Dutch tulip, fewer know about the seemingly endless variation found in less-familiar varieties. Some stay tight and budlike while others open extravagantly wide, much like peonies or cabbage roses. We selected a few of our favorites in pink, ivory, yellow, and orange to show how they might be used throughout a wedding celebration: in a lush bridal bouquet, cut short and mixed with other flowers on a long table, or paired with tall quince branches in an elegant display.

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