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How to Make Your Own Fringe Decor

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2011


Several handy crafting tools make it easy to create your own fringed effects using decorative papers or tissue paper.

Perhaps the easiest is the Fringe Scissor from Martha Stewart Crafts. These multibladed shears cut five perfectly parallel lines at a time, up to 3 inches deep. To keep subsequent cuts parallel as well, line up the outermost blade with the edge of the previous cut.

There are many ways to use this tool: Fringe the edges of cupcake liners. Snip the sides of a band of paper to make a fringed ribbon to wrap a favor box. Clip through a paper flag to make a fringed swizzle stick. Cut into small pieces of tissue paper and wrap them around a stem to make florets for boutonnieres or swizzle sticks. Make fringed edges on strips of paper to make garlands both large and small.

To make longer fringe, use a rotary cutter, and guide it with a straight edge. Use a gridded cutting mat to space the cuts evenly and to keep them parallel.

You can cut through 10 layers of tissue paper at once. (Make the folded edge of the tissue paper be the top, uncut edge of the fringe, and the sheets will be easier to control.) Use this same technique to cut longer or wider fringe into stationery items like the invitation from our photo gallery.

Tools and Supplies:

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Fringe Scissors, $13, from Michael's, for stores
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Rotary cutter, $25, from Michael's, for stores
  • Martha Stewart Crafts 14-by-3-inch Craft Ruler, $13, from Michael's, for stores
  • Martha Stewart Crafts 12-by-12-inch Cutting Mat, $15, from Michael's, for stores
  • Tissue paper from Nashville Wraps


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