Print the designs on tabloid-size (11 by 17 inch) paper (some designs will need two pieces). A text-weight paper (32-pound or so) will be sufficient.

For the accordion-fold luminarias, fold short end over by about an inch, aligning edges, and crease with your fingertips. Continue folding, keeping sections as close to the same size as possible. (If you prefer, use a straight edge and bone folder to crease paper in parallel lines, and then fold, creasing folds with the bone folder.)

To fasten both accordion-fold and straight luminarias, apply a strip of double-sided tape along one end of the paper, and press the other end over the tape.

Tools and Materials

11-by-17-inch 32-pound text-weight paper (LH2492) in natural white, $27.90 for 100 sheets, from Paper Presentation.


Comments (3)

June 21, 2011
I used glasses with tea candles around paper lanterns works great
June 21, 2011
Surely paper would catch fire?
March 25, 2009
I tried these using regular paper, and they looked flimsy. Maybe they would look nice on vellum, though vellum is hard to find in 11x17" size.