Print clip art onto standard-weight 11-by-17-inch paper (if your printer does not handle this size, copy the clip art onto a disc or thumb drive, and take it to a copy shop or office-supply store with a printing department).

Then, cut the templates to fit various heights of square candleholders or vases (to shorten the wrapper, cut away excess from bottom by the stem). Wrap around candleholders, and secure with double-sided tape.

To finish the bottoms, wrap green grosgrain ribbon around the candleholder, and secure with double- sided tape.


Comments (17)

July 9, 2018
I wanted the PDF's but I guess they're not there any more? Bummer. :(
September 16, 2011
i wish these were in templates for fall colors!
August 2, 2011
I've now problems opening these except that I have had to increase the size to 100% to get the whole picture. I have then printed them on to magnetic photo papers to get some lovely magnets.
January 28, 2011
try to google your purple flower of choice download it to a disk or flash take it to a print shop ie: kinkos and have them print it out it should work
January 8, 2011
can this be made available with purple flowers?
December 2, 2010
I have tried ever way suggested and I cannot view on this computer; it just opens a blank page on all of them. If anyone can open the above PDF files can you please email them to me at
August 28, 2010
Try They have a great variety. LETS GO METS!
August 17, 2010
Where do I buy the candle holders or vases? I have six tables at the bridal shower and would like 5 candles for each table.
August 13, 2010
she's right ...increase view to 40 or more % and it appears
July 20, 2010
The Ranunculus Centerpiece PDF is blank. How can I get a copy of the PDF?
July 6, 2010
This is very cute! I would love to get it in a white daisy print. Any chances of this happening?
June 25, 2010
Instead of using fire buring candles try Floralytes. They are bright like candles but don't produce any heat. Look great in centerpieces.
June 19, 2010
This is an amazing and cheap idea! I just wonder if I could get or make a PDF form in white daisies only? Any thoughts? I have tried it using Adobe and Paint, but I can't figure it out!
June 11, 2010
These look like a wonderful and creative idea. My only concern would be the paper catching fire when the candle is burning? Any suggestions?
June 10, 2010
When I first opened, I didn't see it either, until I zoomed in and then the entire picture appeared.
May 24, 2010
Hi , I just opened with no problem...if you want to post email I'll send directly to you : )
May 20, 2010
Can open the first two pdf, but there is nothing when I open the ranunculus pdf. Any idea why?