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Cake Toppers: Vintage Bride and Groom

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Vintage Bride and Groom
The bride and groom stand arm in arm, ready to stride off the cake and into their new life together. The promise of everything to come-this is what's captured in the imagery that has graced the uppermost tiers of wedding cakes for centuries. The tradition reached its height in the Victorian era, with the cupid-adorned follies and other elaborate creations that capped the cakes at royal weddings. These days, cakes are often minimal in design, and fanciful toppers are hard to find. But you can always dream one up yourself.

You may not have to start from scratch; give a vintage bride and groom a new base and call it your own. Or take inspiration from the others shown here. They are based on classic wedding symbols, and each one guides the design of the confection beneath it. After the wedding, when the cake itself is just a memory, its topper will remain, a token of that auspicious day full of sweet romance and heady aspirations for the future.

The most familiar topper becomes uniquely yours when embellished. We gave this classic couple a molded clay dais that was inspired by the intricate sugar-spun fretwork adorning toppers of earlier eras. (Vintage figurines have a lot of character, and they're easy to find at flea markets and online auctions.) Tiny white and "something blue" paper blooms surround the base. The piped buttercream of the cake echoes the topper's design.

Photos of Cake Toppers

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