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Sources for the Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

Sometimes it seems like the toughest decision a bride has to make is what to give her bridesmaids. If none of the ideas in our story strike your fancy, try these websites, recommended by our in-the-know style and market editors.
Great affordable gifts from around the world. The folks at Kiosk take one country at a time and find little items (notebooks, art supplies, kitchen tools) to import.
Great jewelry (the Ronni Kappos earrings are a staff favorite) and housewares; design oriented.
A website devoted to gifts, from novelty items such as a shark-shaped stapler to heart-shaped pancake molds.
The temple to the object, De Vera is probably only for people you really love. Unless you are loaded.
Glass vases with a strong "I Dream of Jeannie" feeling.
A well-edited tabletop selection.
Modern accessories, from rings to bar tools.
Funny stationery and handmade accessories.
A great source for small vases, accessories, and objects -- all with a unique, handcrafted feel.
Lots of really stylish pieces -- both fashion and home/entertaining. Some items are outlandishly expensive, but there are a lot of options with a reasonable price tag!
Mostly tabletop pieces, but all are really pretty and could make nice gifts. You can browse by categories and then by material such as ceramic, glass, metal, clay. Really simple, sweet designs.
A one-stop source with brands such as Michael Aram, apartment 48, dwell, global table, kiln enamel, etc. -- a mix of home and fashion.
Check under "gift ideas" for price brackets and categories such as home, for him, for her, etc. A great site for really fun, playful pieces.
A little expensive, but their monograms really stray from the overexposed, typical monograms you find at other places. The repetition of letters looks more like a cool graphic design.
Everything from an updated baroque picture frame to the best coffee-table books. It'll be hard to resist buying something for yourself.
Pretty cups, bowls, earrings -- all with a European flair.
An incredibly well-curated website with gorgeous wares in a wide range of prices.
Look for lacquered trays, Middle Kingdom vases, and bohemian jewelry.
THE source for handmade pieces -- for your friends who like unique, one-of-a-kind gifts
If you're looking to gift your friends with jewelry, this is the place. They carry both classic, timeless pieces and fashion-forward accessories.
Fun, kind of kitschy. great prices!
This company specializes in iPod acessories.
You can't really go wrong with a Shuffle or Nano, especially when they come in such great colors!
As the name suggests, they carry a ton of European (or European-inspired) designs. Everything from Seda France candles to Laguiole knives.
For the foodie friends. Their monthly club gifts are especially great -- cheese, coffee, and wine of the month.

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