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Applying Lipstick like a Pro

Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2003

Kissing, talking, toasting, and eating can cause lipstick to disappear. This technique will help the color withstand it all.

1. Line and fill in your lips with a lip pencil in a shade that matches your lipstick.

2. Apply lipstick over the penciled lips; use a brush for more precise application.

3. Separate a piece of double-ply tissue into two single-ply sheets. Use one sheet to blot lipstick. Then place the other sheet over the lips, and dust with translucent powder to set the color.

4. Apply a second layer of lipstick with the lip brush. Last, use your finger to dab a bit of sheer gloss at the center of your lips; then spread it evenly.

Which Lipsticks Last Longest?

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