For a summer wedding, pick a palette strong enough to stand up to nature's bold hues. Red and aqua is one of our favorite pairings, at once sophisticated and alive. Start with a deep, orangey red (red has long symbolized love and passion) and temper it with blue-greens ranging in intensity from pale to brilliant. The color scheme is easiest to visualize if you collect objects that inspire you (fabrics and ribbons, beads and buttons) and lay them side by side. Though unconventional, this warm-cool combination is surprisingly elegant.

Program Pockets

One Guest Book, Three Ways

Mix-and-Match Stationery

Two-Tone Tabletop

Peekaboo Favors

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February 26, 2009
Thanks for this! This is exactly what I want but I've had trouble explaining my "vision"... And thanks for the other Nautical/Beach inspired ideas - I would love to get married by the beach but since we can't, incorporating it in other ways is the next best thing!