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Bright and Preppy

Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2008

The classic ensemble of a striped button-down shirt and French-knot cuff links inspired these favors in summery hues, which we filled with saltwater taffy.

1. Print our wrappers and rubber-stamp the date. 

2. Wrap around the box, affixing on the bottom with double-sided tape or a glue stick. 

3. Make a hole in one box end with a 1/16-inch punch. 

4. Slip the loop of a fabric-knot button through, and secure with a piece of white painter's tape (cover inside panel of box with decorative paper, if you like).

Slide boxes are from Paper Mart.


Label Templates
Pink Shirt-Box Wrapper
Blue Shirt-Box Wrapper
Orange and Green Shirt-Box Wrapper

These wrappers are sized to fit a two-piece slide box (2 7/8 inches long, 1 7/8 inches wide, and 1 1/8 inches deep) from Paper Mart. Print wrappers on plain white paper, and cut along edges using a paper cutter, paper trimmer, or a craft knife and metal straight edge. Stamp or write the date in the open box. Wrap the paper around the box, and secure with double-sided tape.

If you decide you want to cover the tape holding the button in place, inside the box, cut out the extra rectangle, and secure with double-sided tape.

Custom stamp, from Stampworx 2000
Stamp pad, in the color "bluegrass," by Martha Stewart Crafts, from Michaels
Knot buttons, from Pacific Trimming
1/16-inch circle hand punch (No. 23507097), by Fiskars
James' saltwater taffy, from Miette Confiserie, 415-626-6221

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