Assemble boxes according to the manufacturer's instructions, then fill them with chocolates. Cut 10-inch lengths of fabric vine trim, and anchor under clip-art labels attached with a glue stick.

Print labels on plain white paper (if you'd like to use your own text, either by hand or with a custom rubber stamp, print the plain labels). Use a paper cutter, a paper trimmer, or a craft knife and metal straight edge to cut along edges of labels. Attach with double-sided tape.

We used vine-pattern cones (CAD), from Pantry Press, 800-511-4767, and wrapped them with fabric vine trim (BY16), 30-yard roll, from May Arts, Inside, we placed Caffarel milk-chocolate strawberries, from Parcel.

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October 29, 2010
The ribbon trim is available at
February 17, 2009
OOOO! I found's called "ribbon" not "trim". Here's one link
November 3, 2008 only sells at wholesale. Does anyone know where to get this vine trim?