Late at night, little is more satisfying than this customized snack pack of cheddar cheese -- which can go unrefrigerated for hours -- and crispy wheat crackers.

Tools & Supplies:

Cheese and Crackers Midnight Snack How-To:

1. Download our Cheese and Crackers Labels, and open it using Adobe Reader (if you are using a Mac, please use Reader instead of Apple's Preview application).

2. Replace the placeholder text with your own (you only need to do this in one box; the form will automatically fill in the rest).

3. Print the file onto sheets of round stickers, and apply them to favors.

Comments (2)

October 2, 2013
Does anyone know what kind of paper the cheese needs to be wrapped in? It also looks like there is a piece of card stock between the cheese and crackers.
July 3, 2011
Are the crackers uncovered?