The beauty of this favor is that it can be made way before your wedding—so don't wait until the last minute!


To create this Italian specialty, let herbs sit out until they are bone dry, add a few snips to an empty bottle, pour in olive oil, cork, and seal with clip art.

Tools and Supplies:

  • Fresh rosemary (1 to 3 sprigs per bottle)
  • Olive oil (such as Divina extra-virgin olive oil; buy it in large tins for a more economical purchase)
  • Bottle (such as Specialty Bottle 8.5-oz "Boston" glass bottle with cork, $2 each)
  • Full-sheet self-adhesive sticker paper
  • Craft knife
  • Metal ruler

Olive Oil Favor How-To:

1. Assemble favors about 2 weeks before the wedding, so the flavors have time to infuse. Wash rosemary and pat dry; let sit in open air for at least 24 hours until thoroughly dry. (Not drying the herbs properly can lead to murky oil or even bacteria; err on the side of caution and dry completely.) Slip rosemary sprigs into each bottle. Use a funnel to pour in olive oil. Add the cork, and set in a cool place or even refrigerate.

2. To label the bottles, download our PDF file, and open it using Adobe Reader (if you are using a Mac computer, please use Reader instead of Apple's Preview application).

3. Replace the placeholder text on the cork band with your own (you only need to do this in one box; the form will automatically fill in the rest).

4. Print both pages of the Olive Oil Label Clip Art and the Olive Oil Cork-Band Clip Art onto sticker paper. (The cork-band PDF will create 44 strips per sheet; the label PDF will create 21. Print half as many sheets of cork bands as you do labels.)

5. Use a craft knife and a metal ruler to cut between the crop marks (do not cut all the way to the edges of the paper; this will leave the crop marks intact for subsequent cuts).

6. After filling and corking bottles, wash and dry them well. Apply main label to front of bottle, center the cork bands across the cork, and press them down the bottle on both sides. To prolong the life of the oil, refrigerate bottles.

Comments (10)

March 18, 2019
I am looking at making the infused olive oils for wedding favors, planning on using dried herbs only. I have looked at various sites with different opinions. With dried herbs do I have to heat the olive oil and also once bottled and shrink wrapped, how long will they last.
August 9, 2018
does anyone have an updated link to the label art Please!!
September 8, 2015
Does anyone know how long the oil will last in a cool dark place?
September 1, 2014
To miremba, costco highly regulates the food that they sell. They may sell bulk food but they shouldnt be categorized with other bulk food stores or box grocery stores. They have great quality control. We have bought olive oil from there that has been directly imported from Italy, and we frequently read all the labels and some foods that have concerns with quality control actually are certified by independent companies. The infused oil sounds need but I think i would feel better buying it.
October 11, 2013
There's definitely a concern with botulism, mold, and other microscopic wigglies when you're dealing with a plant. If there's water in the herb, there's bacteria in the herb. You can boil the olive oil and rosemary, but then it'll taste terrible. Warming it won't hurt a fly. Drying it does a good job of removing the moisture that bacteria and molds need to grow, but it has to be bone-in-a-desert dry. No bendiness left at all, and that takes more than 24 hours. Try drying it for weeks.
July 19, 2012
I made these for our wedding reception. They are adorable!! I can't wait to hand them out. I used sun bottle llc. for my bottles and EEOV from costco. The whole thing ended up being $120 for 75 ppl for the whole thing. I used 3.4 oz bottles to cut costs. Also you can get sticker photo paper at hobby lobby- they always have coupons. Thank you Martha Stewart team. This one is a winner!
June 24, 2012
Heating the oil is not recommended... it actually causes it to lose its freshness and will reduce the peppery flavour that a high quality olive oil should have. Do some research first on what makes a good olive oil before you head off to the market as what is sold in grocery stores and costco tends to be "lampante" or rancid or sadly, cut with low grade oils or other oils such as safflower or hazelnut which is highly unethical but a common practice by the mass market bottlers.
August 24, 2011
Yes, you should be concerned about botulism and infusing your own oils. I would suggest sanitizing the bottles and caps prior to filling them with the oil. I would also heat the oil prior to infusing it to make sure that any bacteria in it would be killed off. I would also mention to you guests that if they plan on using the oil that they should place the open container in the fridge and should also use it within one week. I hope this helps!!!
July 14, 2011
Are there any concerns for botulism when using rosemary?
July 14, 2011
I have been reading up on infusing oils because I too would like to use the oils as wedding favors next summer. I have seen caveats on using garlic due to botulism threats. Are there any concerns for botulism with rosemary?