Send guests invitations framed on mini-cutting boards for a kitchen-stocking shower. Have invitations made, or make them yourself (the utensil illustration here is from a book of clip art). Center each on a board; attach with double-sided tape. Wrap with ribbon, and mail in a small padded envelope.

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February 17, 2013
The least Martha could do is tell us where to get some of the things she shows us like that cute cutting board. I've checked the other comments and still cannot locate a mini board like this one.
May 18, 2012
What a cute idea for a baby shower invitation. It's not only cute but is practical as well. No one is ever going to forget this invite. It's a little odd that it's a cutting board but I guess that's the point.
March 25, 2010
Where can I find this cutting board? I cant never find one as beautiful as this one! Thank you!
September 25, 2008
Where can you find cutting boards this size without spending too much money?