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Regal Piped Wedding Cake


Five tiers of varying heights and shapes combine with ornate decoration to give this cake its regal appearance. Underneath the smooth, dense fondant coating is delicate white cake; royal-icing piping over the fondant is enhanced further with white-chocolate ruffled rosettes.

  • Yield: Serves 150

Photography: Gentl & Hyers

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2004


  • 2 each 6-, 7-, and 10-inch round layers; two 12-inch octagonal layers; and four 9-inch petal-shaped layers of White Butter Cake
  • 6 pieces corresponding-size 3/16-inch thick foam board
  • 4 recipes White-Chocolate Buttercream
  • 7 recipes White-Chocolate Fondant
  • Cornstarch, for dusting
  • 28 wooden dowels, 1/4 inch in diameter, 3 1/8 inches long
  • 10 wooden dowels, 1/4 inch in diameter, 4 1/8 inches long
  • 2 recipes Egg-Free Royal Icing
  • 1 rubber cake mat, 8 inches; optional
  • 1 cake board or platter, 13 inches in diameter
  • Fondant amounts (approximate): 6-inch tier, 1 1/2 pounds; 7-inch, 2 pounds; 9-inch, 5 pounds; 10-inch, 2 1/2 pounds; and 12-inch, 3 pounds.


  1. Prepare tiers: Trim and split layers. On corresponding-size boards, fill layers with buttercream to the following heights: 6- and 10-inch layers, 4 inches high; 7- and 12-inch layers, 3 inches high. Repeat with the 4 petal-shaped layers to make two 3-inch-high tiers. Thinly coat with buttercream to seal in crumbs; chill until set, about 30 minutes. On a clean work surface lightly dusted with cornstarch, roll out 1/2 pound fondant 3/16 inch thick. Place petal-shaped pan on fondant; cut around it with a knife. Place fondant on top of one petal tier. Insert one 3 1/8-inch dowel vertically into center, and five 3 1/8-inch dowels in a circle about 1 1/2 inches from edge. Place other petal tier on top to align. Thinly coat tall tier with more buttercream; chill 30 minutes more.
  2. Cover tiers: On a clean work surface lightly dusted with cornstarch, roll out more fondant (see amounts listed under ingredients) into a large disk about 1/8 inch thick. Working quickly, center and gently place fondant on tier. Starting from center, smooth it onto tier. Trim excess with a pizza cutter.
  3. Pipe decorations on tall petal tier with royal icing. (See instructions).
  4. Stack tiers: Place cake mat or several drops of hot glue on cake board; center and place octagonal tier on top. Insert twelve 3 1/8-inch dowels into this tier (4 in a square in the center, and the remaining 8 in a circle about 2 inches from the edge), and dab a tablespoon of royal icing on top of tier. Center and place 10-inch tier on top of octagonal tier; insert ten 4 1/8-inch dowels in same way, and dab another tablespoon of royal icing on top. Continue stacking tiers in this way, inserting a circle of six 3 1/8-inch dowels into top of petal tier, and a circle of four 3 1/8-inch dowels into the 7-inch tier. Top with 6-inch tier.
  5. Decorate remaining cake tiers with royal icing. (See instructions).

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  • ToniB
    7 FEB, 2009
    May I ask where the instructions are for the piping and royal icing?