The royal family posed with a vintage motorcycle to ring in the holiday season.

By Nashia Baker
December 19, 2019

The holidays are rarely complete without a family Christmas card—even for the royals. According to People, Kate Middleton and Prince William took part in this seasonal tradition by posing with their children for a festive holiday note. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, chose an unlikely prop for this year's photo; the card shows them smiling from ear to ear alongside a vintage motorcycle and sidecar. All donned in shades of blue, the family took the photo at their home in Norfolk, England.

This isn't the first time the royal family has sent out holiday cards, though. Kate and William posed with their three children last year, as well. 2018's card showed the duo posing outdoors on a tree in casual attire with their kids. And, as they do every year, they shared the note with the public.

In addition to sending holiday cards and enjoying seasonal festivities, the royal family also gives back to their community during this time of year. Kate, in particular, recently worked with Family Action, a charity dedicated to helping disadvantaged children and families, to help kids pick out trees for their schools, reports People. "I have worked with her on the early years for some time," David Holmes, the chief executive of Family Action, said. "But she is fantastic with children and is also really interested in the issues—she's really interested in families and parenting, and it really shines through everything she does."

While looking at the trees, Kate also gave insight into the type her own family would have this year. "She was asking about the trees, which drop their needles and those that don't, and which ones smell nice!" farm owner Roger Brill shared. "She said that they normally have the Nordmann Fir inside that doesn't drop the needles."


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