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Lucky Wedding Ideas

Fate smiled on you two when you found each other. And these chic twists on auspicious day-of traditions are meant to keep the good fortune coming, as long as you both shall live.

Fly High 

In Japanese legend, cranes are thought to mate for life—and to live 1,000 years— making them a powerful symbol of fidelity. Traditionally, the father of the bride gives sen bazaru, 1,000 origami cranes, to use as wedding décor. As luck would have it, they make a gorgeous ceremony marker on tree limbs, though you could also turn a smaller group into place cards. 

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The Details: Large white cranes, $27 for 100; small white cranes, $22 for 100; small gold cranes, $18 for 50, all from

Paint the Town

Even if your dress is white, colorful accessories will add undeniable magic mojo. Yellow flowers are often used in Hindu weddings to represent positive energy and blessings; try a Lucite "Dasha" minaudiere; Manolo Blahnik's "Hangisi" flats would do the trick, too. Flaunt something blue, whether it's the electric shade of Christian Louboutin "Pigalle Follies" stilettos or the subtle pastel strip on SJP's "Charlotte" pumps. In China, brides wear red to symbolize prosperity; you can do so with "Elysee" heels or a fabric clutch. Court the luck of the Irish, who consider green felicitous, with a crystal minaudiere. To cover all your bases, opt for a "Fitzgerald" clutch, which talks straight to Lady Luck (and even lights up, thanks to LED bulbs).

The Details (clockwise from top left): Lucite "Dasha" minaudiere, $1,795,; Christian Louboutin "Pigalle Follies" stilettos, $675, Madison Boutique, 212-395-1884; "Fitzgerald" clutch , $995,; "Elysee" heels, $725,; crystal minaudiere, $295,; fabric clutch , $24,;  Manolo Blahnik "Hangisi" flats, $955,; Sarah Jessica Parker "Charlotte" pumps, $545,

Play Your Numbers

Don't just set a date—set your fate by choosing one that promises good fortune. Every culture has divine digits. For example, since the letters that make up the Hebrew word for life, "chai," are numerically associated with 18, that number's considered advantageous in Judaism. This makes 2018 an opportune year to celebrate. And if your date, like this couple's (04-14-18), adds up to 36—double chai! Select a significant day, or find something promising about the one you've already picked: Maybe the moon will be waxing, a sign of abundance to come. Or if the date includes a prime number, like 5 or 11, it's indivisible, as every couple should be.

Set the Table

Your centerpieces are going to look beautiful, but they can also be meaningful if you select blooms that communicate certain meanings, like daisies, which signal hope. Let guests in on the scheme by listing the blossoms and what they represent on a card at each place setting.  

Stock your cocktail hour with fine cheese and a side dish of luck by calling on favorable foods, such as pomegranates (their many seeds are a multicultural sign of abundance), honey (for a sweet life), and rosemary (unwavering devotion). Wheat represents fertility, so any bread and crackers are auspicious, though many cultures have specific wedding buns that are said to draw prosperity. We like this braided Greek version shaped like a ring, a symbol of eternal love.

The Details: Astier de Villatte Rien plates, $75 each,; Cutipol Moon cutlery in brushed gold, $89 for a 5-piece set,; Linen napkins with coral-pink trim, $44 for 4,; Artopolis tsoureki wedding bread, $10/lb., 718-728-8484; High Fashion Home Wishbone paperweight, $48,; Savannah Bee Company Raw Acacia honeycomb, $25,

Charm Them All

It's always the sweetest part of the evening, but to make the cake even more enchanting, we've reworked the southern tradition of "cake pulls"—fortune-telling charms on ribbons that each bridesmaid tugs out of the confection—to give guests a peek at the future. Have a cake with trinkets hidden within brought to every table, along with a key explaining the prediction each bauble makes: Refer to ours above, or conjure up some yourself.


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The Details: Cake pulls: Fortune cookie, $2.50; bells, $4 for 12; key, $1.20; horseshoe, $2.50; pacifier, $2.50, all from Eiffel Tower, $13 for 2; Swarovski crystal drop, $4.25; fleur de lis, $3.50 for 10; star, $6 for 4; tiny star, $4 for 10, all from; globe, 90¢,


Make a Wish

This eco-friendly "natural confetti" toss includes a mix of daisies, yellow rose petals (friendship), white rose petals (purity), ivy (fidelity), and lavender (devotion and luck). Distribute the herbs in kite-shaped packets—made by folding paper into a diamond, then sealing the flap with printed gold tape—that will send the sentiments flying.

The Details: Wedding Rosemary Flower confetti, $45 for 10 cups in a pail,; Jong le Nara Premium craft paper, $25,; black on gold tape cartridge, $19,; label printer, $35,