Wedding Rings & Bands

We never get tired of hearing "with this ring, I thee wed" because we know at the sound of that sentence, a beautiful piece of jewelry (or two) will suddenly appear during the ceremony. If you're about to shop for a wedding ring or wedding band for each of you, before heading out to jewelry stores, check out the different wedding rings and band styles shown here, such as the sparkly infinity diamond ring, the statement ring shaped like a leaf and the classic warm rose gold band. But there are plenty of other designs to choose from. If you want your wedding band to match your engagement ring, look at the stylish sets we found. If the groom is wearing a ring, get him involved in picking a metal and width. Remember: Your rings' metals don't have to match each others'—yours can be platinum while his can be gold. Because a wedding ring's circular shape symbolizes that a marriage is unending, you'll want to study our tips so you know how to keep these prized possessions, including your diamond ring, safe and in good condition for all eternity.

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