Engagement Party Ideas

Whether the word is out or has yet to be spread, your engagement is the perfect time to celebrate by planning an engagement party. From the type of invitations to send out to engagement party ideas to consider, we are your go-to resource. This pre-wedding party starts with a little etiquette. We have the 411 on when to throw the party, who hosts, whom to invite, and how to tastefully notify guests about the wedding registry. While you wouldn't want to upstage the wedding, engagement parties can be as casual or as formal as you wish. Why not encourage mixing and mingling with a cocktail party where guests can gather at different food stations? A seated dinner with centerpieces and decorations is a more formal way to go. Or, you might opt for a casual cookout on the beach. Once you've settled on the place and style, search our endless ideas for invitations, appetizer and main dish suggestions, clever cocktails to serve (a big batch punch is always a festive way to go), and décor ideas to give your celebration an instant upgrade (crepe paper streamers, anyone?). If you're looking for an easy way to personalize the party, create a custom playlist to set a celebratory soundtrack. And don't forget to scope our picks for dress ideas and beauty tips as the ultimate finishing touch.

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