Crepe Paper Flower Bulbs

These handmade blooms by David Stark Design are as unexpected as they are elegant—and they’re a cinch to make using basic tools and materials. “Planted” in a pot or vintage vessel, these works of art make a chic centerpiece or a fabulous gift for your bridal party that can be displayed long after your big day is over. 



  • Plastic sandwich bags
  • White sand
  • White floral tape
  • Double-sided crepe paper in the color of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Wire cutters
  • White-wrapped floral wire (preferably 22 gauge)
  • Vessel of your choice
Crepe Paper Bulbs and Flowers - Tools


​1. Fill a sandwich bag with about 1/4 cup of sand. Wrap just above the sand with white floral tape.

Crepe Paper Bulbs and Flowers - Step 1

2. Cut several strips of crepe paper (about 3/4-inch wide) against the grain of the paper. Wrap the “bulb” with the strips, hot gluing where needed. Pull the paper taught as you work. 

Crepe Paper Bulbs and Flowers - Step 2

3. Using wire cutters, cut the floral wire to the length of your choice—these will be your stems. Then, make the flowers by cutting petal shapes from the crepe paper and gluing them one-by-one to the end of a wire “stem,” working in layers. The long length of the petal should be parallel with the grain of the paper. Add as many as you like to make a larger flower.

Crepe Paper Bulbs and Flowers - Step 3

4. Use white floral tape to smooth the transition from the paper to the wire. Repeat for each flower.

Crepe Paper Bulbs and Flowers - Step 4

5. Cut off the plastic above the floral tape on the “bulb.” Slip the wire down; you will feel it secure and catch in the sand. Repeat for all three stems.

Crepe Paper Bulbs and Flowers - Step 5

6. Cut long leaves (with the grain of the paper) and glue around the floral tape.

Crepe Paper Bulbs and Flowers - Step 6

7. Using a strip of crepe paper (cut against the grain of the paper), wrap and cover the connection of the leaves and secure with hot glue.


8. Finally, “plant” the bulbs and flowers in a container of your choice. We used this antique footed bowl and filled it with white sand—but the possibilities are endless.

About the Author

David Stark

David Stark is a renowned New York-based event producer, designer, and five-time author, as well as president and creative director of David Stark Design and Production, a full-service event design and planning firm. David and his team are celebrated for the inventive, imaginative weddings they create globally for a wide range of high-wattage celebrity, society, and fashion clientele...


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