Chalkboard Coffee Mugs

A cup of Joe tastes all the more delicious when sipped from this DIY cup designed by The Kitchy Kitchen’s Claire Thomas. The addition of a blackboard surface provides a canvas for a morning message or brunch-worthy motif. Order up! 

Associate Editor
Photography by: Courtesy of Claire Thomas


  • 8 oz white coffee mug with handle
  • ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape
  • 1-2 small-bristle paintbrushes
  • Black chalkboard paint
  • White chalk ink pen
Photography by: Courtesy of Claire Thomas


1. Rip four strips of tape from the roll and stick them onto the mug, forming a large box. 

Photography by: Courtesy of Claire Thomas

2. Dip brush into black paint and color the inside of the box until the area resembles a chalkboard.

Photography by: Courtesy of Claire Thomas

3. Let mug dry for two to three days, so the paint has time to cure. 

Photography by: Courtesy of Claire Thomas

4. Remove tape (don’t fuss over blurred edges). Then take an ink pen and draw a design, like the heart shown here, inside the painted box.

Photography by: Courtesy of Claire Thomas

Tip: These mugs are hand-wash only and cannot be preserved with sealant (it damages the chalkboard paint).

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