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Bow Tie Ring Pillow

You don't have to be a master seamstress to construct this swanky ring pillow.


Ink-jet printer
1 yard of menswear fabric, a silk weave works best
White pencil
A handful of batting
Cord that matches the fabric

  1. Download our "Bow Tie Ring Pillow" template and print two copies. Cut out the shapes along the lines with scissors.
  2. Lay the templates on the back side of the fabric. Trace with a white pencil, and cut out the shapes with scissors.
  3. Pair up each up shapes front sides facing inward, and pin along the edges.
  4. For each shape, hand sew along the edges, leaving 2 inches open in the narrowest part of each bow shape. For the band, leave one of the shorter ends opens.
  5. Turn each bow and the band inside out.
  6. Stuff the bows loosely with batting.
  7. Stitch the bows closed, and stich the band closed, too.
  8. Stack the bows on top of each other, the smaller one on top.
  9. Wrap the band snugly around the center of the two bows. Trim it to fit and stich to the bottom of the connected bows.
  10. Turn the bow over so it’s facing right side up, and loop a matching cord under through the band and use that cord attach the rings to the pillow.

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