Pleated Poufs How-To

We're huge fans of these pleated poufs because they're a breeze to create. You just need to know how to fold 'em.

Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2013

Fashion these ruffled pendants from a wire basket, glassine, tape, and a needle and monofilament. Add a battery-operated light for a pretty glow at dinner, or keep them au naturel to catch the sun’s rays.

Tools and Materials

5 sheets of 24-by-36-inch glassine
Wire basket
Clear tape

  1. Cut glassine sheets in half lengthwise with scissors. Accordion-fold glassine horizontally. Once all the paper is folded, cut each folded sheet in two horizontally at varying heights. Loosely sew through the paper at one end using a needle and monofilament and fan out.
  2. Gather the sewn end of the pleated paper and tape to the basket starting at the bottom. Continue attaching paper, working upward. Tie monofilament to the top of the basket and hang.


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