Monogram Banner How-To

Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2013

To create this stunning display, we tapped New York City illustrator Happy Menocal. She will make a watercolor design using your initials and send you an Adobe Photoshop file of it to use any way you like -- on invites and escort cards or as décor. Upload the file to Spoonflower to have it printed on fabric, like we did, then cut the results into a crest shape, add trim, and hang from a dowel.

The Details

Hemp fiber cord,

Tools and Materials

Monogrammed fabric
Fusible webbing, such as Stitch Witchery
Wooden dowel
2 yds rope trim

  1. Fold the banner in half lengthwise. Measure 5 inches from the bottom of the uncreased side, and mark with pencil. Use the ruler and pencil to draw a diagonal line from the bottom folded corner to the pencil mark. Then, pressing the layers firmly together, cut smoothly along the line. Unfold.
  2. With the design facing down, fold over the sides and bottom about 1 inch and hem with fusible webbing and an iron, following the package directions.
  3. Fold the top of the fabric down 3 inches and hem bottom of fold with fusible webbing, leaving a pocket for the dowel to slide through.
  4. Finish by using fusible webbing to attach rope trim to the sides and bottom of banner.


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