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Marbled Iced Sugar Cookies

Two Florentine traditions -- sugar and art -- come together in these edible takeaways.

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2013

Thank guests by giving square marshmallows that resemble blocks of Carrara marble, fancy striated Key Profits Fundraising lollipops, or these sugar cookies with marblectable icing. All are easily wrapped for transporting home -- assuming your guests can resist scarfing them down on the spot!

Tools and Materials

Royal icing
Gel food coloring
3 pastry bags, each fitted with an Ateco #2 tip
Sugar cookies

  1. Divide royal icing into thirds and tint each one with food coloring until desired shades are reached. For this project, we used untinted white icing, red icing, and orange icing. Transfer icing to pastry bags. Using the red icing, pipe an outline around edge of one sugar cookie, leaving a -inch border, then "flood" with more icing to cover. Gently shake cookie to even out the surface.
  2. Working quickly before icing can set, pipe orange stripes onto the cookie, leaving about a 1/4-inch space between each stripe. Then, pipe white stripes in between each orange stripe.
  3. Immediately drag a toothpick perpendicularly through the stripes to create the marble effect. Let dry. Repeat with remaining cookies and icing.

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