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Marbled Favor Boxes

Martha Stewart Weddings, Spring 2013

Even a rental table can become a masterpiece when you add a custom-colored linen runner in your palette -- this one is by Natalie Stopka. The finishing touch? $1.40-a-pop yellow favor boxes that look like a million bucks after you dunk them in alternating circles of clear and silver marble paint.

Tools and Materials

Smitten on Paper token favor box (
Glass bowl
Kitchen skewers
Marabu Easy Marble Paint in silver and clear (
Wax paper

  1. Fold favor box and fill a bowl with enough cold water to allow the box to be submerged completely.
  2. Dip kitchen skewer into silver paint and touch end of skewer to surface of water. Dip another skewer into clear paint and touch the center of the silver paint. Repeat until you have created 10 to 12 concentric rings. With a fresh skewer, swirl paint to create a marble pattern.
  3. Holding the box at its edges, dip entire box into bowl of water and pull out quickly. Place favor box on a sheet of wax paper and let dry completely. Note: If box becomes too waterlogged and gets wrinkled, let dry, unfold, and iron the non-painted side on a low-heat setting.

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