Expert Wedding Advice

Need wedding guidance? Start here with a few lessons straight from Martha and her team, then browse through our top expert advice for every area of your big day. 

Expert Planning Advice

From Caterers:
Get Peter Callahan's Advice  
Get Richard Nix, Jr.'s Advice 

From Stationers:
Get Kara Underwood Gordon's Advice  
Get Cheree Berry's Advice 

From Photographers:
Get Whitney and Jesse Chamberlin's Advice

From Florists:
Get Virginia Wolff's Advice
Get Kate Holt's Advice

From Event Planners:
Get Maria Cooke's Advice 
Get Co-Owners of the Wedding Library's Advice

Expert Fashion Advice

From a Dress Alterations Expert:
Get Vera Skenderis' Advice 

From a Men's Fashion Expert:
Get Ken Downing's Advice

From Dress Designers:
Get Monique Lhuillier's Advice 
Get Carlos Ramirez's Advice

From a Shapewear Designer:
Get Sara Blakely's Advice

From Bridal Salon Owners:
Get Mark Ingram's Advice 
Get Mara Urshel's Advice 

Expert Beauty Advice

From a Dermatologist:
Get Kathleen M. Welsh's Advice

From a Makeup Artist:
Get Rosie Rodriguez's Advice 

Expert Fitness Advice

From a Personal Trainer:
Get Brett Hoebel's Advice 

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